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Left to right – (front row) Keith Nagata, Frank Bowen, Michael Kruger, Ellensue Levinson-Jeffers, Matt Levinson, Ira Levinson, Stanley Levinson, Eliza Feller, Candace Cannon, Adam Turk; (back row) Scott Cuttler, Jason Abosch, Justan Goldstein, Erik Avant,
Robert Heckle, Josh Willet, Greg King

While not all of Sol Levinson & Bros. funeral directors share the Levinson name, they all share a commitment to our values of exceptional service and compassion. We are able to serve you and your family better because of this, and because we are an integral part of this community.

Stanley Levinson
Ira Levinson
Matt Levinson
Ellensue Levinson-Jeffers
Scott Cuttler
Michael Kruger
Greg King
Eliza Feller
Adam Turk
Justan Goldstein
Candace Cannon
Jason Abosch
Robert Heckle
Keith Nagata
Frank Bowen
Josh Willet
Erik Avant